My Journey to Victory

Magento 2x Certified Developer

A Near-Death Experience that Changed My Life

If you’re reading this, I believe you already know some part of me as well as my life.But even if you don’t know about me, I am assured that my journey is going to give you goosebumps.

I have been planning to add an important part of my journey to my biography since a very long time, a part which goes back 15 years where I was going through a tragedy which made me stopped dreaming about anything.

Let me take you back there…

In my teenage days, I used to stay in my village, happy all-the-time and used to feel that I can get anything by just asking for it. Everything used to be so simple:

  • Playing with friends everyday
  • Waking up to ready food
  • Watching favourite television shows
  • Spending time with family, and being happy.

I remember the day, the day when me, my family and friends were preparing to go for the Krishna Janmashtami Fair. We used to go there every year, didn’t miss the fair even for once.

The fair was very close to my village. People from all the nearby villages gathered at the same time to worship God. This was a good time when all the friends and relatives get a chance to meet and have a little get-together within themselves.

Mom and Dad got me some new toys and it was a very blissful moment, but I don’t know why I had a feeling that something’s not right since the very morning.

Life has a habit of giving surprises, & you receive those surprises when you expect them the least.

My Journey to Victory

There it was, the moment which had the potential to ruin my entire life. You never know when an accident or an event is going to happen, and definitely not when you are in your happy moments.

After some minutes, my feet started losing balance and my mind gave me signals that something wrong is going to happen. It was the time to break the earthen pot(matki), all the people around were super-excited and so was I.

To look at it more closely, I reached a place where my life had something else planned for me. I was standing close to a big pole, enjoying in the moment and within some seconds the big pillar fell directly on me.

I was laying down a heavy pillar over my leg, I still remember everyone running here-and-there with some running over me. I had almost fainted at the very moment, starting to lose my awareness.

After some minutes 3-4 men came nearby, trying to help me and started looking for a vehicle to take me to the hospital and somehow took me there but by that time, it felt as if the bones inside my leg had already broken.


The Hospital:

I was taken to a nearby doctor to get my feet checked. When my eyes opened, I looked at my feet and shouted in pain, it seemed like a big fracture.

Seeing the condition of my feet, the doctor was shocked as well and gave me some injections to ease the pain but I was asked to be taken to a big hospital without waiting any further.

I was taken to a reputed hospital in Bhuj. They ran some tests & scans and came back with the X-Ray report stating that one of my legs is never going to be normal.They put a plaster on the leg and we left for Rajkot’s Dr. Dekiwadia Hospital.

The doctor mentioned that the blood had stopped circulating in one of my legs,they put around 9-10 bottles of blood to improve the situation. Many people from the Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Rajkot came to donate blood and I was insisted for an operation.

It was the first operation of my life, and the worst indeed. The doctors gave me some injections to make me unconscious. The operation lasted for about 12 hours.I was kept without any kind of food / water for atleast 50 hours and only after that, I was allowed to have some water.

During the same night, blood started to pour out from the leg and it was getting difficult for me to breathe. My mother was very tensed. Everyone tried to do their part

  • Some people tried to talk to me
  • Some tipped drops of water
  • They also tried to shake my hands and legs so that I can be conscious again and open my eyes.

It was midnight already and the doctor gave me some electrical shocks. When I opened my eyes, I was put on oxygen. My legs had to go through multiple operations but none of them were successful.

I had given up and accepted that my life is of no use anymore, I was already going through hell. My body had no more movements, because of the severe leg pain and I was waiting for my life to end, waiting for death.

I couldn’t sleep all night; everyday 2 bottles of blood were added. All the efforts were ineffective, there weren’t any hopes anymore.

The Final Decision:

A lot of treatments were done, but nothing worked. The doctor had a discussion with my family to take a decision and it was concluded.

Another operation was done and when I woke up, I didn’t have a leg! I was handicapped, I was in pain. Maybe if they took my permission, I would have never allowed them to cut my leg and would have accepted death.

Life had planned a different path for me.

The coming days were spent with doctor’s daily visits, talking about the foot. Weeks passed and I started getting used to living without a leg. It continued like this for some more years till 2007.

My School & Studies:

I didn’t go to the school on a daily basis, I used to visit just the exam days. I wasn’t even able to pay any attention to my studies but there wasn’t any other choice at that point in time.

We still had to visit the hospital for a regular check-up. It was a tough time, I decided to concentrate on my studies seriously so that I could achieve something in my life. My family supported & encouraged me the whole time.

I was getting better at studies and won many awards and recognitions. I completed my MCA with good scores. 

I started dreaming again and my only dream at that time was to work with softwares and to fulfil it, I went through many ups and downs.

Job in a Software Company:

A total of 16 companies rejected me because of my feet, but I still thank all of them for their rejections as it urged to prepare more and become the best version of myself. I kept learning and those rejections gave a big boost to my confidence levels.

I came to Ahmedabad in the year 2014.

I gave my first interview in one of the top companies of Ahmedabad. I was shortlisted for interview by a reference. But, despite being a relative of the CEO, he himself didn’t select me and it had nothing to do with my skills and knowledge. He interviewed me for 2 hours and tortured me a lot by talking about my legs.

In the end, he rejected me too. For the first time in my life, I had a feeling of living a life without legs. I hid in a silent place and cried a lot considering that I was rejected only because of my legs.

My family encouraged me to move forward, I did not lose my courage and I thank my entire family every single time for believing in me.

Going through a lot of failures, accidents and rejections – I came out even stronger than I thought I was. I believe I can do anything in my life and there is no looking back, as there no one who can stop me from achieving what I want to.

Today, I am 2X Magento 2 Certified Developer and our client called me Magento Magician.

Closing Thoughts:

The purpose of coming out with my story is to remind you that you can achieve anything and everything in your life, no matter what.

Believe in yourself, even if no one else does and read this again if you want even more belief & confidence that sky is just the beginning.