I made it.

This was my first thought after the magic word “PASS” on the monitor screen after the completion of a Magento 2 Professional and Associate Developer Certification exam.

When I started planning for a job at that time face lots of issues regarding job because I don’t have any experience in anything. I known only book knowledge. Due to that, I was rejected approx “16 times” then I decide to learn PHP. I started learning Core PHP approx 6 months from Home. After six months of hard work, I feel that now I am ready.

Then I start again interviewing at Ahmedabad I was really happy that after 3 interviews I was finally selected As Core PHP Developer.

For one and a half years I only worked on Core PHP and also thanks to that company that gives an opportunity to work only on core PHP due to that I got expertise in core PHP. 

Then after, i moved to WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. Approx 2 years, I worked on the same platform.

A while ago I saw news from Magento company that the new Magento 2 launch and then I start working on the same from the first version of Magento 2. I worked on all Magento 2 versions up to now.

After all, every day I started dreaming about how to become a Magento 2 Certified developer so I just focus on being an expert in Magento 2.

A while ago I saw news from Magento company that the new Magento 2 certification for developers had been launched. The official launch date is 1 March 2018. The best idea that came into my mind was to try and pass the exam in order to get the certificate. 

Surprisingly, I’ve received lots of questions on how the exam went for me and what is the best way to pass the exam. every day I was doing a google for How to pass Magento 2 certification exam. I was doing research every day and preparing a list for the best way to pass an exam.

On 05-Aug-2019 I appeared for Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer exam and successfully passed an exam.

Then I start preparing for Magento 2 Professional Developer exam it took approx 3 months. On 11-Nov-2019 I appeared for Magento 2 Professional Developer exam and passed an exam.“One of my Biggest Dream comes true”.

The only shortcut for passing the Magento 2 Professional Developer Certification exam can be your practical experience with Magento 2. You may find some answers online, however, it is worth getting and building your personal knowledge and get as much experience as you can on real-life Magento 2 projects. Then, the exam will be just a matter of 90 minutes long or less.

Believe you can & You’re HALFWAY there.

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